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Tarot Reading


For centuries, Mystics have used Tarot as a vital access to spirit guides, ancestral spirits, and the higher self, for guidance and counsel, and to answer important questions. With this tool, our Mystics are able to assess the many influences upon you, and can help you to discern and overcome obstacles, as well as to guide you in making important decisions in your life. We welcome you to come in with specific questions and let us provide you with this essential guidance.

For your convenience, we also offer phone readings of Tarot for an additional $5.00 charge.

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Space Clearings

Mystic Alterations Energy Washes

The Universe is comprised of energy which is constantly flowing and transforming, affecting all areas of our lives. The energy in our daily environment can negatively impact our well-being. We believe it is necessary to maintain the energy in our living environment, as positive energy can help us to increase personal wealth, to stay healthy, to be happy and to eliminate bad habits. At the Mystic’s Altar, we understand how important it is to maintain a high vibrational environment. Our Mystics are trained to help you to identify and clear negative energy from your home or business. These could be energies that were either left behind from previous owners or family members or energy left behind from a loved one’s passing. These negative energies imprint detrimental energies in our living environment that may linger and affect us for years to come.

Do you experience changes of temperature, strange odors, hear steps or noises in your home? Do you feel physically drained, depressed, or angry? Is there constant fighting in your home? If so, energy imprints in your home may be the issue. Space clearing establishes inviting energy. If your environment was previously inhabited, you may be prey to negative energy.

The Mystics at The Mystic’s Altar are trained professionals who can detect these energies. Let us come to your home and assess the issue for you. Our team of Spiritual professionals will clear away these energies and help you change the vibration so that your home can foster prosperity and love in a negative free environment.

For more information on pricing or to schedule an appointment, please call 310-446-9100

Appointment Policy

The above will be verbally agreed to and approved via telephone conversation with the above parties. The above individual entering into this contract agrees to pay the full amount at the beginning or end of the event. Any and all cancellations are subject to a 48-hour cancellation notice. For a reading or event, any cancellations before or at the time of the appointment, without prior notice, will result in a full charge for the total amount of time scheduled for an event or appointment. Balance is due upon receipt; payments received after the day of the event are subject to an additional 20% late fee. Any chargeback, or returned checks, are subject to a $50.00 re-processing fee. There are no refunds or credits unless prior authorization of schedule changes within a 48-hour cancellation period prior to the appointment date. Exceeding your booked amount of time will result in additional charges that will be made to a credit card on file. Additional time is calculated in 15-minute increments, which results in additional charges, so please be mindful of the time during your session.