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Deseret Tavares - Founder of TheMysticsAltar


Deseret Tavares is a celebrity psychic, life coach, and broadcast personality, known for offering intuitive guidance to a broad roster of celebrity and international clientele. Her predictions have included foresights into the earthquakes in Chili and Haiti, as well as some of Hollywood’s most highly-publicized romantic hook-ups and break-ups.

Early Life

Tavares was born and raised in Colombia, hailing from a long line of psychics and spiritual travelers. Her talent was recognized and nurtured from a young age; and her study of the spiritual and metaphysical realms was eventually completed in Europe, Central and South America.

As a first generation immigrant to the United States, Tavares has overcome difficult circumstances to achieve self-made success. She raised two young children alone; built a successful business; and today she is one of television and radio’s most popular psychic guests.

Tavares’ abilities include:

Psychic / Medium / Tarot Reader / Channeler / Energy Healer / Meditation / Chanting / Spell-craft / Paranormal Space Clearing

The Mystic's Altar

In 2008, Tavares opened “The Mystic’s Altar,” a storefront located at 1746 Westwood Blvd. in Los Angeles, Calif., offering a wide array of service and product offerings geared toward helping individuals find their true paths and create the lives they desire.

The store currently offers personal psychic readings, aura sprays, custom made ritual oils, potions & baths, crystals, altar tools, herbs, homeopathic remedies, books, dressed & non dressed candles, jewelry, talismans, and more.