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The Mystic's Altar

The Mystic’s Altar was established in 2005 by Colombian born Deseret Tavares, world renowned psychic, mystic and clairvoyant. Deseret comes from a family steeped in spiritualism whose resources and influence would eventually become a part of her daily life. Growing up, her family was often the last resource and hope for the village, with visitors coming from afar to seek remedies and solutions to problems that could not be solved through conventional means.

For years, after training under lifelong shamans and seers in Colombia, India, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, China, Thailand, and elsewhere–she herself is a certified “daughter of the house”–Deseret opened THE MYSTIC’S ALTAR as a resource for non-practitioners as well as professionals.

With The Mystic’s Altar, Deseret has provided a resource for people to not only have access to a variety of spiritual materials, but to learn the craft of magic itself. In this manner, she provides only the very highest quality of merchandise, and an unrivaled staff of lifelong practitioners. THE MYSTIC’S ALTAR is the quality source for readings and magic advice, with an expert staff available for consultations. Our specialties include Aura cleansing, Aura reading, Chakra Balancing, Crystal healing, clairvoyant and past lives readings, tarot reading, shamanic healings and clearings all performed by our Mystics. Walk-in appointments are available–as well as phone readings–though we recommend scheduling an appointment in advance.

The Mystic’s Altar provides a wide variety of workshops and classes, along with an ongoing cycle of special events, including Guided Singing Bowl Meditations, Reiki shares, Spirit Circles, Ceremonial Magic, Drum Circles and Moon Ceremonies. In our classes, one can study Tarot, Crystals, Past Lives, working with Spirit Guides, Angels, Animal Totems, Clairvoyance, Ritual Magic, Wicca, and Astrology. To see our full calendar of events go to www.TheMysticsAltar.com. You can also pick up a monthly calendar at the front desk.

The store provides an unparalleled array of hand selected crystals from all corners of the world; from amulets, talismans and individual pocket stones, to unique tribal jewelry and incomparable display pieces that Deseret has gathered from tribal members and brought exclusively from her travels. These unique, one of a kind pieces each have a distinct story behind them, and cannot be found anywhere else. These pieces are imbued with a powerful energy accrued during their creation, as well as that of the blessings of the tribe, and in turn their use supports the tribal craftspeople and their families. These jewels are carefully culled and delivered to THE MYSTIC’S ALTAR and await being selected by their caretaker. All of the items available are of the rarest and highest quality, and among them includes altar items, abalone shells, candles, chimes, essential oils, herbs, incense, sprays, sage, jewelry, hand carved boxes and statuettes, singing bowls, meditation tools, magical potions and brews, mojo bags, and herbal blends. Also available are many special items exclusive to The Mystic’s Altar, including bath salts, dressed magic candles, resin incense blends, and the Mystic Alterations line of magical anointing potions, energy washes, aura sprays, incense blends, carved candles and custom dressed candles for your every need. In addition, we carry Oracle cards and Tarot decks, as well as a wide selection of esoteric, inspirational and metaphysical books.

The Mystic’s Altar is open from 10 am – 8 pm Monday through Saturday 

For more information on pricing or to schedule an appointment, please call 310-446-9100